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Austria: Different winner, but does it change anything

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I will be honest; I grow more frustrated with Ferrari and how stupid they are behaving. And I was pissed off with the ruling of the FIA that it took a while for me to write this and publish it.

Pull it together Ferrari

When are you going to develop a good pit strategy that benefits your drivers?

Calling Vettel and being ready, is just stupid. You ruined his race and not just that, at the end he could not hold off Verstappen in the dying laps of the race.

Even for Leclerc, I might be wrong, but I think you should have brought him for tyres a few laps later. I think you underestimated Verstappen being able to challenge.

Or you just knew that it is a losing battle since the car burns through the tyres faster than Mercedes or Red Bull.

2nd place is better than 3rd.

Verstappen, you are reckless, and you will end up killing someone

I will come out and say it. Verstappen is my least liked top driver in Formula 1. I realize he is fast, risk taker and aggressive. He just does not need to make those unnecessary overtakes that ruin other drivers’ races. Like in Spa two years ago with Raikkonen, and other instances this year.

Even the average passer-by the circuit knew that you had Leclerc and if it was not on turn 3, it would have been on the straight. Why did you have to go and push him off the track?

What are you trying to prove? That you are a douche? That you are arrogant?

The only thing you are proving is that the FIA is supporting you and letting you slide time and time again. And that is one of the reasons why Formula 1 is losing its fan base, because of inconsistent rulings from theFIA on incidents like these.

Is this the start of McLaren comeback?

I am just going to say that Lando Norris drove a great race.His tussles with Vettel and Hamilton were interesting and entertaining. His overtake on Raikkonen was impressive and a sign of grater things to come from Norris.

McLaren need to give him a car that he can compete with.  

After thoughts

Even after cooling off for a few days, I am still pretty emotional about this race. Mainly, because I disagree with the FIA ruling about the incident relating to Verstappen and Leclerc. If the tables were turned, I believe that the ruling would have been different.

Anyhow, nothing I say will change things, and it might be one of those things that will be debated in the future.

The picture so far, Mercedes remains the leader in both championships and barring a double retirement for both their drivers, they are set to win the double.

We are off to Great Britain next. I am not sure I will be able to watch this one as I will be traveling.

Till then, drive safe.

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