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Spain GP: Ferrari, what are you smoking?

Courtesy of Michael Potts

Ferrari are in a league of their own in stupidity

Let us not waste any time in talking about the dominance of Mercedes, it is enough to say that the team is masterful in race strategy, with two fast cars, and drivers that for now do not make any mistakes. They were not challenged throughout the race. Even better, they were racing each other from lap one, as if it was only a few laps remaining. The cars are that good.

When talking about Ferrari, where does one start?

Well it all started a few laps after the start when it was clear that Leclerc was faster than Vettel. It took Ferrari 6 laps to give the team order at lap 12 to let Leclerc through. By then, Verstappen built up a lead that was difficult for Leclerc to close but managed to do just that.

Then, came the pit stops. Vettel should have pitted immediately after given the order to let Leclerc through, yet Ferrari stalled till lap 20 with Vettel begging for the stop. To compound the problem, the left rear tire took too long, and delayed the pit stop and he came out in 10th. Vettel switched from Soft to Medium (which was faster for Leclerc).

Then was Leclerc on lap 26. Same problem with the left rear tire, but this time the team decided to give him hard tires. Why on earth would the team do this?

The result, Leclerc suffered to get the heat and pressure needed, and suffered by losing time and inability to challenge for the podium.

Ferrari then spent more than 8 laps deciding should they give another team order to let Vettel through who was clearly faster than Leclerc, even I as spectator could tell from the first two laps. Ferrari taking8 laps to make that decision is beyond comprehension.

By then, and even after the second round of pit stops between laps 43-46, and the safety car that was brought in after the Norris-Stroll accident, the race for Ferrari was over and they lost on 3rd.

The battle for best of the rest intensifies

Gasly seems to be on the path to recover from previous not great performances and finish in the top 6. Will he be able to start challenging the Ferraris and put his team in a position to secure 2nd in the championship, is yet to be seen, but the signs are gathering to support that.

Both Haas cars made it to the finish line in the points, which is finally a good sign for the team, despite that both drivers almost taking each other out on lap 57. The team radio clearly showed the displeasure of team principle Gunther, and I would not want to be in that post-race briefing.

After a promising start for Ricciardo, he did not finish in the points, but it seems that he started to get more comfortable in the car. Yet, I believe that Renault still have a long way to go to turn their teams around and start challenging this year.

For the second consecutive race, McLaren have finished in the points thanks to Sainz. However, the car still needs work to become more competitive and give the drivers more power and downforce to challenge for best of the rest. The accident of Norris and Stroll did not help their cause. And in my opinion, it was Norris that was at fault.

After thoughts

It may be harsh to say this, but Ferrari are imploding. Their inability to turn up on race day with a winning race strategy is costing them the championship. The gap is very big to close, and if Mercedes stay in the same form as now, it will be an impossible task.

Red Bull are in a comfortable position and will be challenging for second this year, I am sure of that if Ferrari do not get their act together. Their main task now is to bring Gasly to the same level as Verstappen.

As for the rest of the field, I do not see a clear contender for 4th as of now, McLaren are in a good position, but it seems Haas are picking up some steam.

With the next race in Monaco, and based on previous performance, I would bet on Mercedes again locking the front row and winning the race. The narrow corners will be their domain, and Ferrari will lag behind.Lets see if my prediction is right 

Till then, drive safe.

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